How To Do Search Engine Optimisation

How To Do Search Engine Optimisation

Want to outgrow your competitors in the digital space? Search Engine Optimisation ill come to your rescue. If you are wondering how to do search engine optimisation, then pay attention to this SEO checklist!

But, first, understand the goal of SEO. Its aim is to be visible to the search engine spiders and rank you webpages for the many searched of the users. The catch is the optimisation is an iterative process where you will have to fine-tune various steps like updating, monitoring, and testing.

Here We Discuss The Top 4 Steps That You Must Tick On Your SEO Strategy.

1. Market Analysis

You must know and understand your target audience. Make sure your webpage code is optimized and the title meta of each page written well as pe relevancy. Ty using tools like and to ensure that there are relevant keywords on the webpage. Ask yourself the question: what should be the answer to your audience’s queries? And then provide that answer in your webpage by utilizing the appropriate and top keywords.

2. Keyword Research And Analysis

It is important to identify the keywords specific to your domain where you want to rank. At the same time, you must review the work of your competitors. Maintain an excel sheet where you note the ranking and competition of the keywords. Clearly define your goals and try to review them every 2 weeks.

3. Content Creation And Optimisation

Page Titles and Meta tags are very important. If you want to lure your customer into visiting your website, then you got to persuade them with your content. Also, use the keywords phrases in the content. Maintain keyword density in the content. Divide your content wisely. Submit your website to online directories.

4. Testing And Maintenance

Perform analysis of the website periodically and check for improvements. Record keyword performances and test results. You will need to continuously add content and maintain the Metadata and titles and technical aspects of the web pages.

Follow these 4 basic steps and your SEO strategy will have a strong base. There are several ways in which you will be able to customize your strategy as things work differently for different products. At Dreamdesign we provide custom solutions for all your SEO needs. Our experts will ensure that you get the best value for your penny. Moreover, we have the passion to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and for that we deploy the best of strategies.

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