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DIY Or Hire Professional SEO Services In India – Which Is The Right Option For Small Businesses?

Believe it or not, there’s much more to SEO than what meets your eyes. And it’s definitely more than stuffing keywords in Meta tags and making permalinks right.

Those marketing bloggers you follow, do you really think they give readers all the real “insights”? If that is the case, what are they charging for in their premium courses and consulting services?


The landscape of Search Engine Optimization is very big. This makes it very important for small businesses and startups to consider all the relevant factors when deciding should they hire professional SEO services in India or DIY techniques are adequate.

If ranking high on Google and Bing was that easy, everyone would be at the top of the result page.

Do you own a business website? Want it to top the search engines for selected keywords? Can you do that all yourself?

Or most importantly, SHOULD YOU follow the DIY steps over letting experts do the thing?

Let’s go step-by-step and see which option is apt for small business owners:

1. Do You Have The Budget To Hire Professionals?

The foremost reason why people sigh at hiring SEO professionals is the cost, of course. If you’re tight on budget, you can debate over the mentioned options. But if finance is not one of your problems, professionals are the people to go with.

2. Do You Know What Is LSI Or How To Spy Competitors?

Like said already, SEO is a big landscape that includes a lot more creative and advanced practices and process than the basic ones. You must know all the major terms and techniques to bring an A-game on the table. If not, hire professionals.

BTW- LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing and, among many, SpyFu is one of the most popular tools to spy your competitors’ keywords, SEO and PPC strategies.

3. Do You Know How To Work With HTML, CSS And JavaScript?

A lot needs to be managed at the development end to optimize your website for search engines. Codes need to be tweaked to align with search engines’ policies; pages need to load faster and be responsive. Why do you think top SEO companies also employ a team of developers? If you’re not good here, DIY might not be the right path for you.

4. Can You Write High-Quality Engaging Contents?

With content marketing being the ‘it’ in marketing scene today, blogging has emerged to be an important component in SEO. Consistently produce quality (and long-form) contents and get all the Google love you want. So can you write awesome blog posts regularly? If no, let SEO professionals handle copywriting.

5. When Was The Last Time Google And Bing Tweaked Their Algorithm?

SEO world is ever-changing. What was good yesterday might have lost its relevance today? Website responsiveness was a very important topic a year back (it still is), AMP has taken its top spot today. So you must be in sync with this changing sphere. If you can’t, again, go with a top provider of SEO services in India.

You likely know which way to go now. Go ahead, make the right decision and take your business to new heights on the digital scene.

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