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Digital Marketing in India and its Evolution

India as a country has faced a lot of different standpoints in its rich history that have gone on to become a game changing moment for our country. These could be identified as days, hours or even a year or so that had a drastic effect on how our country looked and moved forward post that particular moment. If you have been following the news, or hearing about them from your family and friends, you will know that there have been many of these moments in the past. There will be many in the future as well because that is how the world moves forward, whether we like it or not.

Today, right in this blog however, we will be talking about one moment that has basically brought you here. Yes, we are talking about the moment that brought the internet to India, and how in essence it led to digital marketing coming to India and then going on to become this big phenomenon that we are now surrounded with. In the last few years digital marketing has gone on to become one of the biggest industries in India and all over the world. There is a lot of history behind its success and how digital marketing has shaped up to become such a big industry in India and an eye catching industry for the young generation to become a part of currently.

Digital Marketing

How did Start Digital Marketing?

The beginning of digital marketing in India can be traced back to the mid 1990’s, and it has been shaping up slowly and steadily ever since. As you would have widely read during your time in school, internet penetration in India was very slow and at the beginning of internet’s arrival in India, only the high income families could avail internet facilities because of its high cost. This made ecommerce and marketing realistically very difficult for any company. Yahoo was launched in India in 1994 and Google followed suit by coming to Indian shores in 1998. It was in 1996 however that India found its first ecommerce business, with the launch of IndiaMART, a business that is active even today.

During this time, few to no people knew about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, one of the biggest digital marketing channels of today. It was at the turn of the millennium that new companies started forming and there were whispers in the market about conducting business online and using the internet to one’s advantage. It took another seven years however for internet and digital marketing to embark on a successful path that we now see it to be. With the arrival of Flipkart in 2007, the game changed completely.

Seeing the success of Flipkart and recognizing that this could be a game changer in the long run, other companies started taking their business channels online to help increase their customer base and target a higher number of population within the country and outside. Although the internet spectrum wasn’t as fast until 2010, when the government brought in 3G and other services, it was the beginning of online business and marketing. Marketers were however quietly taking notice of the change in dynamics.

With more and more companies looking to take their business model online to attract more customers, it was a given that this move would also give rise to increased competition. How then could a company differentiate its identity and product from the next? How could they influence people to come and shop on their website or physical stores and not their competitors? The answer, as we now know, was found in the shape of digital marketing. It was during the period between 2008 to 2010 that saw India take a great jump in the number of new digital marketing companies being launched and thousands of people getting recruited in the digital marketing industry for a diverse number of roles.

Digital Marketing

In 2010, the government brought the 3G spectrum to our country by auctioning it. During this period, more people started using smartphones. This made the people of India create accounts on various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which had been established a while back and growing in popularity every passing day. Ever since then we have seen the development of digital marketing go from the speed of a car to that of a bullet train. New trends have come in the market with more social media platforms stepping up to the plate. The ideation techniques have changed with brands, agencies and marketers alike coming up with some brilliant concepts and lines to promote their brands.

What was once a slowly moving industry has now become a full fledged, well oiled competitive machine, without which the survival of advertising and marketing cannot be imagined. The innovations in the industry, the newer technology that has come up, the fight to survive in the market against one and all and most importantly the right focus on delivering the best to the clients and to the country has helped develop digital marketing and make it reach the stage it now so proudly sits on. It will only grow higher from here and we will be a part of that growth.

Digital Marketing – The Phenomenon Unlikely to Slow Down Anytime Soon

Yes, let’s get the elephant out of the room, right at the beginning of this blog. There are a few things in this world that will not stop as long as mankind exists from here on. Things like food innovations, or basically great food, newspapers, excellent online portals, sports are right on the top of the list. There is something in particular not mentioned above that intrigues us more than anything else though and that is digital media. Yes, that’s right another one of those on the list that life seems incomplete without nowadays is digital marketing.

One of the reasons among many as to why this will happen, is you, the reader, the audience and the eventual customer. Sure, word of mouth, traditional marketing are reasons why you buy stuff, but you have to admit that now, most of your buying habits are influenced by digital marketing.

The vast amount of digital media that an average person consumes on a daily basis is what has gotten this phenomenon where it is at the moment. It has reached such heights that it has now become an integral and intangible part of your life.

So, why exactly has digital media and digital marketing reached this stance in our lives? The answer you are looking for is that it brings a whole lot of advantages, both for the audience and also for the brand or company. Let’s discuss what advantages of digital marketing possesses then.

digital marketing phenomena

It Is The Most Powerful Tool Of Marketing At The Moment

Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some real examples of how digital marketing tactics are helping businesses just like yours reach their target market and influence conversions.

With the right strategies and effective implementation, small businesses can increase their reach and conversions in just a matter of months. A lot of the businesses, small or large, have managed to gain growth and make profits because of strategic digital marketing and making sure all their promotions reach the right audience.

Low On Cost And High Returns On Investment

First things first, low on cost does not mean all the brand strategies are or will be low on cost. It depends on the agencies or the brands budget, but it is low on cost compared to traditional marketing. Marketing and advertising cost is one of the biggest financial burdens that businesses have to bear.

While big businesses may not have so much trouble doling out millions for marketing and advertising, for small businesses, this may be impossible or an unbearable nightmare. Marketing via digital platforms offers a more affordable alternative to the traditional method.

They create as much impact yet costing way less. With just a few bucks you can subscribe to an email marketing provider and send transactional or direct emails to thousands of customers on your mailing list.

Nothing matters more to a business than the return on the investment it makes. Digital marketing offers a substantial return on small investments. Email marketing or running advertising campaigns on social media platforms cost little when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Measuring The Results Of Digital Marketing Is Really Easy

The only way to know for sure is to measure your success over time. While it can be difficult to track the success of a traditional marketing campaign like a radio advertisement or mailer, every digital marketing tactic that you use is measurable. This benefit is every reason why you need to invest into digital marketing.

Digital marketing analytics takes the guesswork out of determining whether your marketing is actually working. By measuring your digital marketing campaigns in real-time, you can see which tactics are working and which are not. Then, you can adjust your campaigns for greater success. You can also take the insights that you’ve gained from the process to improve future campaigns.

The success or otherwise of a digital campaign can easily be ascertained. Compared to traditional methods where you have to wait weeks or months to evaluate the veracity of a campaign, with a digital campaign you can know almost immediately how an ad is performing.

Google Analytics is a very effective tool for measuring specific goals to be achieved on a website or blog. Google AdWords manager allows users to monitor the performance of their ads on Google search; they can know how many people viewed their ads and learn all about their conversion rates.

Future of digital marketing

It Allows Precise Targeting

The main purpose of marketing is that it helps your brand reach its exact audience and customers based on various points like type of product, age group and so on. The traditional means of marketing uses the spray and pray method, where an ad runs over a platform with substantial reach with the hope that a few people who love what they see, hear, or read would make a positive approach.

Marketing over digital platforms, on the other hand, allows for targeted campaigning where ads are presented to customers based on their preferences or initial action. Social media platforms usually possess a very smart algorithm that studies and collates user preferences. Such that specific ad campaigns are shown only to users with a specific inkling.

Attracts A Global Audience And Is Easy To Share

When your audience is scattered and yet, your marketing strategy helps you reach them, you are doing something right. The world, they say, has turned into a global village. This has been made possible via digitization. Digital marketing allows ad campaigns to be visible in any part of the world.

This gives small start-ups the rare opportunity to go global via the immense exposure provided. The internet abounds with stories of start-ups that became hugely successful over a small period due to the opportunities created thanks to the global nature of marketing via digital platforms.

Most digital marketing channels feature sharing capabilities which allow campaigns and articles to be shared with multiple followers. This helps to create a multiplier effect and has the capacity to tremendously improve sales results.

All these advantages however, do not come with any campaign execution. There is a lot of thinking and investment (at the right time and place) needed to be done to make use of these advantages. You can make the most of these advantages if you create the right strategy, whether for your own brand or as an agency working for one.

The term “strategy” might seem intimidating, but building an effective digital strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. In simple terms, a strategy is just a plan of action to achieve a desired goal, or multiple goals.

For example, your overarching goal might be to generate 25% more leads via your website this year than you drove last year. So what do you have to do in order to get these increases in numbers and outputs? Create a digital campaign after keeping certain points in mind. What kind of points? Read on!

Know Your End Goal Prior To Execution

What do you want your digital marketing campaigns to accomplish? Do you want to build name brand recognition? Generate leads? Get more sales, or email subscribers? Great! Whatever it is that you want, though, you need to name it. For instance, take online/blind dating.

If you go on a bunch of blind dates with no idea what you’re looking for, you might settle down with the first person who you can tolerate. If you have an actual list of traits you want in a person, you’re much more likely to find your match. Your goals matter, and you’ll need to take specific steps to accomplish each one.

digital marketing future

Always Create Buyer Personas, Makes Your Work Easier

The next step you’ll need to take in order to create your strategy is to get a solid understanding of who your audience is and what motivates them. This will be essential, because it will help you to assess which marketing platforms you can find them on, how they’re interacting with it and what they want to see from you.

You’ve got a good understanding of who your audience is, so now you’ll want to understand how and where to connect with them. Again, refer to your analytics on this and cross-reference them with your buyer personas.

Keep looking for shortcomings in your campaign, it helps you improve until perfect: Your digital marketing strategy is up and running. Both in the early days and on a long-term basis, you’ll want to carefully evaluate how your strategy is working.

Since there’s often multiple elements, platforms, and campaigns involved, this can be tricky. Google Analytics is a big help here, along with the native analytics of the networks and channels you’re utilizing. You want to evaluate how customers and leads are interacting with your campaigns, and how that’s translating into helping you reach your goals.

There are many steps that you can add to this list, what we want to convey is that always ensure you follow a good procedure while trying to execute a campaign. It will reduce your costs, ensure less haphazardness in your work and make you more productive.

The Digital Marketing Business Guide to Starting Your Own Agency

This has been an extremely difficult time for a major part of the population in the country. People have been locked down because of a global pandemic and seen their lives turned upside down. Businesses have been forced to stay shut for a good amount of time, a large part of the working population has started working from home (at least those who can) and that has opened the doors for a new possibility in the future. One business however, that has not faced a huge amount of loss or trouble during this period of time is the digital marketing business.

If anything, the digital platforms and digital marketing channels have helped keep a lot of sanity intact in this world during these catastrophic times. It has brought along some relief (the digital content), but because of that digital marketing has also moved forward when everything else stopped. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and for good reason.

It has a lot of potential with the significant boom in the consumption of digital media, whether on social media platforms or OTT platforms, all of them together combine to provide brilliant scope for digital marketing to expand its wings and maximize its potential. That being the case, no one would fault you if you were to tell them about your plans to start an agency of your own. And neither would we, so here are a few tricks of the trade and ground rules to help ease your foray into the digital marketing world.

Digital marketing business

Developing your skill set

Only creativity is never sufficient to last an eternity in any business field. There is a lot dependent on your business acumen and how well grafted your skill set is. You can be as creative and intelligent as anyone in the game, but if you’re not prepared and experienced enough to deal with the many nuances of managing accounts and client relationships, you’ll be looking for another gig real quick.

It may take years for some to build the skills necessary, it may take others less. The fact of the matter is, you need to build them up and greatly. Work environments are a lot more complex than we realize while we’re grinding within them. Above the actual work you produce there’s a multitude of expectations, verbal and nonverbal communication gymnastics, and politics. Everything from how the organization is structured to its culture, product, and leadership play a part in how your day to day (and career) unfolds. Once you get a hold of everything, your agency is ready for takeoff.

Finding your niche and great research

Nowadays, businesses that know the direction they want to head in are very much more fine tuned to succeed than the ones doing their work haphazardly. Finding your niche is an extremely important component for an aspiring digital marketing company. Competition is intense, so finding your digital marketing niche is vital to stand out. You can then focus on a smaller audience that’s interested in what you offer. When the competition is so intense and the room for success marginal, research is a prerequisite.

When starting any business, you’ll want to know how you’ll rank against the competitors. When you research your competitors, you’ll then be able to understand how to surpass them. To do competitor analysis, you’ll want to use the same keywords your business would use online. Narrow down your competition to about 10-15 competitors. Once you’ve discovered your competition, check out how they’re monetizing (obtaining their money). Then you can learn what their methods are and what’s successful. If they work out well, you know what backup options you can have.

Digital Marketing Guide

Developing a great business model

There are a lot of different ways to set up a digital marketing agency. The services you provide and how you bill for your work become a critical part of how efficiently your business is managed over time. In the end it is all about the money that comes into the business and the profits and returns that make us stay in love with what we do. You can charge your clients in many different ways using flat retainer options, commission based earnings, hourly charges for time specific work, or a percentage of spend based model that allows you to garner quick growth and success for your agency.

Social media presence and leads

Nowadays, for any business to sustain in the market for years, regardless of their field, having a great social media presence is a big thing. And if your field is interconnected with social media, it becomes a must. When you’re starting a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to be on social media. It’s free to create an account on social media platforms, so why not take advantage? You can benefit from organic lead generation, engaging with customers and potential customers, and then turn your business global.

Along with a great social media presence, generating solid leads is also a great contributor to harnessing your business and creating a solid base for your agency. There are several ways to generate leads, but it can be difficult at first growing your client base so don’t get discouraged. Before generating leads, you’ll want to have your target customer in mind. Having your target audience in mind goes a long way in helping you establish a base for the work you want to do.

These are some of the prerequisites to starting a digital marketing agency. Once you have nailed all of these, the success of your agency depends on how hard you work and the hours and care you put into your business idea.

How To Choose A Credible SEO Company In Vadodara For Your Business

A well-designed and optimized content is the most effective way to engage the users online and promote your business online. Today online searchers became more specific as customers mostly prefer the location of products and services.

Local SEO service will give more advantages in search engine ranking in your local community and increase your popularity and revenue.

How to find out a reliable SEO Services in India?

Marketing strategies

A right local SEO firm will engage with you day and night to make appropriate strategies to meet your demands and boost your place. It must use different kind of strategies in accordance with current scenario and strengthen your brand presence amongst the target audience. It must use online SEO strategies that suit your business good. They must bring changes in content, page names, meta tags, page titles, keywords density to give your page high ranking.

Before dealing with an SEO company, make sure that the SEO firm you are going to hire is following the SEO norms or not. There are many SEO features like place and maps optimization, organic SEO and geo targeted pay-per-click. These features are very essential. Such features force to give your page high rank regionally. Always hire a company which must be skilled in these features. Dreams design is SEO Company in India follow all these features smartly.

Below are solutions of local SEO

  • Social media optimization
  • Google Maps SEO marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • Local city search
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Submitting blogs
  • Submitting (PR) press release
  • Company listing in local directories
  • Google analytics
  • Setting the geographic presence in Google webmaster tool
  • On page and off page submission
  • Local promotion

A professional company with concreate strategies, keyword assessment, and advanced working system will definitely give satisfaction to your business requirements. Saying in one word that associating with a right SEO company will be your first step to get a place in the local internet marketing campaign. Dreams design SEO Company in Vadodara will be an ultimate solution of your local marketing.

Finally, keep these strategies in mind before dealing with any SEO service provider in future.

The Man With a Digital Dream

“The way Narendra modi has turned the political platform into a marketing platform, every businessman must walk on his footprint.”

At present, we hear only one slogan on every lip and place “Modi…Modi” is none other than, but for our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who barely needs introduction and need not branding as he himself has become a brand. Narendra Modi has proved himself periodically that he is superior in marketing. There are tremendous marketing skills lie in him that every budding business should assimilate to bestow its marketing strategies a new height. Narendra modi is the only person from the political fraternity who has moulded himself with the time.

Imbibe some astounding marketing strategies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for your business span.

  • Stay in headlines

The best way to stay in light lime is to stay in incessant touch with audience by a massive campaign with the help of spicy advertisements.  Nobody will notice you until you have concrete marketing strategies for your customers.

  • Feel people’s node

Always put your feet into people’s shoes before disclosing anything new in front of them. Because if it doesn’t work in accordance with them. That could give a massive blow to your business. So always offer favorable things to people.

  • Harmonize with the time

Narendra Modi has knack in harmonizing with the time. We have a recent example of 2014 lok sabha election that how Narendra Modi got situation in his favor with digital propaganda. He reached the maximum voters, making proper use of social media and the result is in front of us. With the change of time you must change yourself to be with all. If you do not adopt the changes, you will be isolated soon.

  • Perfect timing

Timing is always a key factor in the business. A perfect timing in the business yield perfection to your business and perfect customers as well. If you go against proper timing then time will show you. What is called perfect time? We should learn from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

At the end I can say that the marketing strategies which Narendra Modi has executed till date are exemplary.



How to Hire Top SEO Company in India

Currently, the way the internet users are flourishing by leaps and bounds that forces the companies to be digital and have online digital canvassing for their companies growth, SEO is a medium to enhance your business approach to the maximum number of people around the world, therefore SEO is a must. It’s booming.

Whenever it comes to choose quality work from many established SEO companies.  It would be very complicated for any client to figure out to hire the best SEO Company in Vadodara. With a view to strengthening your business roots you need such an SEO company that grows your business tree properly and helping you to stay longitudinally and can race with your other business counterparts to stay in the race. In a way, SEO keeps your business propaganda alive online and boost communication with the users. Hence, SEO has become an inevitable part of the business build up.

Clues of choosing a trustworthy SEO company

  • Stick to your SEO goals

Firstly, convince yourself that what you need to have your online presence to be improved and which parts of your website need changes or need only SEO so that you can fully harmonize with the SEO Company. The well-organized SEO Company in India can easily clear all your doubts in no time as company knows where they are supposed to focus to claim beneficiaries to your company with proper data.

  • Company that analyses your data timely

Always be wary with your data to be measured by SEO Company regularly. Choose a company that analyses your data in accordance with the current status of the company and plan a strategy that can fulfill your business goal strategically.

  • Get familiar with company reviews

The best way to review an SEO company is to read a company reviews online to find out an efficient SEO company in India as reviews are impartial. There are other ways also to review a company such as company testimonial, case study, which also helps you to figure out the value of the company.

  • Keep in constant touch with SEO Company

It is always important for any client to communicate deeply with their SEO companies by constant conversation regarding the company growth rate. This constant consultation will result into constant growth of your company and will develop strong bonding with each other.

  • Confirm your budget

Be always sure with your budget whether it’s within your budget or out of that range, then have a conversation with your SEO Company which guides you in the right direction and shows you a path where your company will Get speedy growth as well as profit.

Top SEO Company in Vadodara can put a full stop to your business queries and take you at the peak.




Keep Mobile SERP Safe with These Technical Checklist for SEO

With the tremendous rise in the number of the mobile users, the demand for the responsive website design has also increased. This is because companies have started understanding the importance of mobile-friendly websites. But wait, when it comes to a website to survive in the mobile-first index, a mere responsive web design is not suffice.

Worry not! There are many technical SEO aspects that can be implemented to keep your website safe on the mobile SERP. And to implement that ensure that you only hire the best SEO company in India. Let’s take a deeper look at these technical SEO aspects that play a major role in the mobile SERP.

Mobile First Indexing

Have you ever thought what does the mobile-first indexing entail? Majorly, it means that the Google will index the mobile version of the website first and will create the baseline for how to determine the rankings. In a layman language, if a website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, the desktop will still be indexed. But the lack of it could negatively impact the site rankings.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO can make a whole lot of difference in the SERP performance of a mobile website. If your website features a dynamic serving or distinct mobile URL, you need to cross-check the On-Page of your website.

Mobile-Optimized Experience For Your Customers

To manage mobile users, Googlebot pays special attention to the base on the configuration of the website. Ensure that your website offers mobile-optimized experience with the help of:

• Distinct mobile URL
• Structured data
Responsive website design
• Dynamic serving

Take into account that the absence of structured data for the mobile websites can result in the significant loss of the snippets and the benefits its CTR convey.

Use of Hreflang Tags

If you are targeting your website worldwide, ensure that your SEO company in India makes use of the hreflang tags. This helps in showcasing the alternative content version of the website in different languages. If this is your case, ask the SEO services in India to immediately update the Hreflang tags for the mobile version too.


Poor pagination indicates that the Googlebot cannot visualize the content beyond your home page.When it fails to visualize the content, it can even drop out your website from the Google index.

From internal link structure, quality surfer approach, crawling rate, robots.txt to website configuration and much more, there are many technical aspects that your SEO company in India needs to review for your website to survive Mobile SERP.

If you are in search of competent, professional and reliable SEO services in India that can improve the overall performance of your website and improve the rankings, Dreams Design can help. We have the experience and proven techniques to make your website mobile SERP safe!

How To Do Search Engine Optimisation

Want to outgrow your competitors in the digital space? Search Engine Optimisation ill come to your rescue. If you are wondering how to do search engine optimisation, then pay attention to this SEO checklist!

But, first, understand the goal of SEO. Its aim is to be visible to the search engine spiders and rank you webpages for the many searched of the users. The catch is the optimisation is an iterative process where you will have to fine-tune various steps like updating, monitoring, and testing.

Here We Discuss The Top 4 Steps That You Must Tick On Your SEO Strategy.

1. Market Analysis

You must know and understand your target audience. Make sure your webpage code is optimized and the title meta of each page written well as pe relevancy. Ty using tools like and to ensure that there are relevant keywords on the webpage. Ask yourself the question: what should be the answer to your audience’s queries? And then provide that answer in your webpage by utilizing the appropriate and top keywords.

2. Keyword Research And Analysis

It is important to identify the keywords specific to your domain where you want to rank. At the same time, you must review the work of your competitors. Maintain an excel sheet where you note the ranking and competition of the keywords. Clearly define your goals and try to review them every 2 weeks.

3. Content Creation And Optimisation

Page Titles and Meta tags are very important. If you want to lure your customer into visiting your website, then you got to persuade them with your content. Also, use the keywords phrases in the content. Maintain keyword density in the content. Divide your content wisely. Submit your website to online directories.

4. Testing And Maintenance

Perform analysis of the website periodically and check for improvements. Record keyword performances and test results. You will need to continuously add content and maintain the Metadata and titles and technical aspects of the web pages.

Follow these 4 basic steps and your SEO strategy will have a strong base. There are several ways in which you will be able to customize your strategy as things work differently for different products. At Dreamdesign we provide custom solutions for all your SEO needs. Our experts will ensure that you get the best value for your penny. Moreover, we have the passion to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and for that we deploy the best of strategies.

How To Choose The Best SEO Service Provider?

Any website that wants to expand globally but says they do not believe in the power of SEO has its managers living under the rock. We have such a beneficial internet space whose advantages are myriad. Search Engine Optimisation will certainly help you create an online presence.

If you are in search of best SEO service providers then you have landed at just the right place. Let us take you through how to determine if a company provides the best SEO services.

Okay. So you have a situation wherein you need an SEO service and you put a search query on Google and it gives you plenty of options. Amongst the many, how could you find your ideal solution provider? Look out for these aspects.

The SEO Company Has A Nice Website, Not Too Detailed Not Too Less.

A company that is good at designing their own website will definitely be good at SEO as they would know the importance of representation and aesthetics. Noticeably there are some big firms that might have a clumsy website. They are too busy working with multiple clients that you might not get the focused attention you are looking to get.

Talk To Them And Look If They Understand Your Point Of View

Many companies’ website says a lot of fancy words and claims big accolades. However, in reality, they are not so friendly to work with and for every now and then they just talk about money. You would definitely want to stay away from such grand promiser’s for they are only going to talk big and not perform big. Take multiple consultations if you like.

Know What Is That You Need

You must have a goal, if not well-defined but at least something to ponder about. If you are not having any idea of what you want to do then it might take a little extra effort to locate the best SEO provider for your needs. It is okay even if you just have an idea or thought. Let’s say for example you want to increase your online presence. That is a good start to go about. Later new things and goals can keep adding.

Talk About The SEO Firm’s Past Work And Experiences.

It is not always that every company must have the best experience especially when it comes to your business domain. Check if the company is willing to take up challenges and work on new subjects and new markets. Any company if passionate about their work will be able to take yours forward with more zeal, just like it is their responsibility. Consequently, they will become pseudo to your in-house team.

There are as such many ways to find out if a particular service provider will work out for you or not. However, keeping above points in mind will be favorable for you and will save you a lot of time. And lastly, never underestimate the power of good communication! Just talk and try to develop the understanding of your needs with the team you want to get your work done from. At Dream Design, we love to interact with our clients and delve deep into the requirements. This way the work becomes sharper. If you too have any SEO requirements, we can surely discuss over a cup of coffee.

DIY Or Hire Professional SEO Services In India – Which Is The Right Option For Small Businesses?

Believe it or not, there’s much more to SEO than what meets your eyes. And it’s definitely more than stuffing keywords in Meta tags and making permalinks right.

Those marketing bloggers you follow, do you really think they give readers all the real “insights”? If that is the case, what are they charging for in their premium courses and consulting services?


The landscape of Search Engine Optimization is very big. This makes it very important for small businesses and startups to consider all the relevant factors when deciding should they hire professional SEO services in India or DIY techniques are adequate.

If ranking high on Google and Bing was that easy, everyone would be at the top of the result page.

Do you own a business website? Want it to top the search engines for selected keywords? Can you do that all yourself?

Or most importantly, SHOULD YOU follow the DIY steps over letting experts do the thing?

Let’s go step-by-step and see which option is apt for small business owners:

1. Do You Have The Budget To Hire Professionals?

The foremost reason why people sigh at hiring SEO professionals is the cost, of course. If you’re tight on budget, you can debate over the mentioned options. But if finance is not one of your problems, professionals are the people to go with.

2. Do You Know What Is LSI Or How To Spy Competitors?

Like said already, SEO is a big landscape that includes a lot more creative and advanced practices and process than the basic ones. You must know all the major terms and techniques to bring an A-game on the table. If not, hire professionals.

BTW- LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing and, among many, SpyFu is one of the most popular tools to spy your competitors’ keywords, SEO and PPC strategies.

3. Do You Know How To Work With HTML, CSS And JavaScript?

A lot needs to be managed at the development end to optimize your website for search engines. Codes need to be tweaked to align with search engines’ policies; pages need to load faster and be responsive. Why do you think top SEO companies also employ a team of developers? If you’re not good here, DIY might not be the right path for you.

4. Can You Write High-Quality Engaging Contents?

With content marketing being the ‘it’ in marketing scene today, blogging has emerged to be an important component in SEO. Consistently produce quality (and long-form) contents and get all the Google love you want. So can you write awesome blog posts regularly? If no, let SEO professionals handle copywriting.

5. When Was The Last Time Google And Bing Tweaked Their Algorithm?

SEO world is ever-changing. What was good yesterday might have lost its relevance today? Website responsiveness was a very important topic a year back (it still is), AMP has taken its top spot today. So you must be in sync with this changing sphere. If you can’t, again, go with a top provider of SEO services in India.

You likely know which way to go now. Go ahead, make the right decision and take your business to new heights on the digital scene.