Top Website Design Mistakes That’s Killing Your Online Reputation

In this online world, taking your business online is crucial. Unfortunately not all the websites have that leverage. Having a beautiful design website is important but it should also have all the important website elements that can work effectively to enhance online sales and lead generations. Having a website redesign can be a costly affair. So, ensure that you get it done right the first time itself.

Building a website is not easy but this challenge can easily be overcome by hiring the best web design company in India. This will ensure that that the designers working on your website are competent and capable to deliver the best results.

But there are many amateur designers in the market which emphasis more on creativity rather than on the usability and functionality of the website. We have listed here the few frequently made web design mistakes. So, next time when you are getting your website designed you can ensure that you have your best foot forward online. Or else, website design company is always there to assist you. We at Dream Design pride in being one of the best website design company in Mumbai.

Let’s have a look at some of the common website design mistakes that might slowly kill your online business:


Excessive Information

Let’s agree to the fact that no one likes to read abundant and abundant of the information. Unless the information is too critical, a user will not read it. Unfortunately, the majority of the online businesses are engaged in telling their long story and communicating their message. While doing so, they forget the importance of presenting the most useful information about their product and services. Remember the golden rule – “Less is more”


Lack Of Responsive Design

More than 45% of searches are conducted on mobile devices. Having a responsive website design is vital to overtake this consumer sector. However, a recent study reveals that less than 17% of the world’s website has a responsive web design. Being one of the leading web design company in India, we ensure that all our websites are responsive across all the devices.


Too Small and Poor Readability Fonts

Did you ever have the struggle in reading the website text? One of the most common website design mistakes is making the text too difficult to be read. Ensure that the website text has a proper font size and are more compatible and reader-friendly on all the devices.


Poor Image Quality

Visual representation is more effective than the texts. Having high-quality and related images create a powerful brand image and enhance user engagement too. We are the best website design company in Mumbai and thus ensure that no image is blurry and have a zoom feature to enhance the customer’s experience.

A good website design can do wonders for your business. Ensure you make the best with none of the mistakes listed above. If you are looking for the prompt, experienced and competent web design company in India, Dreams Design is the perfect destination for you!

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