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How to Deal With the Website Design issues?

There has been a constant change in the world of web design. And it is very arduous to track every new
update. It is very bad for both the designer and the businessman for not updating with the latest trends.
Dreams design is Web Design Company in Vadodara can easily solve your issues related to web design.
That is why we are going to discuss some of the biggest issues all web designers need to be familiar.
Let’s take a glance at some of the best tips to fix your web design problems that are definitely going to
help solve when you are puzzled. Below are some useful tips.

Use appropriate color contrast: Color contrast is still a vital part of web designing. It is an inevitable part
of web designing you can’t put aside. It is important for your ideal web accessibility and can improve the
accessibility of your website. There are various types of tools available on the internet to examine your
color contrast and fix your issues regarding web designing.
Discuss a plan: According to Dreams Design, is a Web Design company in India suggests that, before
designing your website, have a head- on meeting with your owner and discuss the needs of your visitors.
Such pre-discussions will help increase traffic on your website. Always design a website which can drag
more customers on your site. Your concrete plan can attract more visitors to spend more time on your
website and convert them into the customers at their first visit to your website.
Keep social share button in your website:
If there is no social share button on your website, your website can lose social media traffic. We hope
you are familiar with this button. It is a small button you can find either the top or bottom of the blog
post. This button includes different types of social media websites through these websites you can easily
share your page on the social media channel. This is the biggest advantage of a having social share
button on your websites.
HTML verification:
While designing a website, it is very essential to know the validity of your HTML. Whenever you find any
error when designing a website you should do check the misspelt HTML aspects. Validating HTML is a
good trick. You should verify each and every page that helps you to know where you are stuck. If you do
not eliminate the clutter during the process of web designing can cause great damage to the website.
Check the website in various browsers:
Testing your website in different browsers can help understand the mistakes you have done. It is a tricky
way to know the status of your website. That also helps fix your problems. If your website does fine in a
particular browser and does not do well in other browsers, it is clear that your website requires good

Constant evaluation:
It is very important to check that how long users stay on your website, scroll, where they click the most
etc. the best way to know that your website is doing well or not according to your prospective. You
should never stop testing your website.
Dreams design is Web Design Company in Vadodara having years of experience in the walk of web
designing can sort out the hurdles you are facing. The tips we have introduced to you are quite able to
help overcome the web designing issues.

How To Find Out The Best Web Design and Development Company in Vadodara

At present, everybody is compelled to adopt different tricks in order to last in the business world and keep the business growth continuously. If you are willing to choose the right company to push your business ahead and put you on the top. It is very complicated to prefer the right firm as your business is on the stake. How do you choose such web design company in India?

There are many ways to choose the right company. First, make a catalog of a responsive website that impressed you. Gather all details of those websites and include in your list.

Below are some tips to engage successfully with web design agencies and highlight the online face of your business.

Decide your budget:

First of all, there is need to set a budget for a web design project then start searching for a web design company. Unless you have enough budgets, you can’t get favorable result. It is obvious that you are willing to pay less than your budget and demand a good result from web agency.

Take a glimpse of a web agency website which you are going to hire:

Before dealing with a company, it is much- needed to go through that company you are going to deal with. You are supposed to get details of its past and current performance. It is a good idea to make an assessment of its style of web- designing and web-developing. Analyze its website that how it is designed and developed? So, you can identify its abilities, technological skills and style of working. You can figure out that is it able enough to take your company vision amongst the users? Is it able enough to meet your standards? There are other aspects of websites also you need to consider before a deal. Such as good user experience, engaging writing, professional look. Dreamsdesign is a leading web development company in India has all these qualities.

Ask experienced clients about the websites they have made:

Ask those who had experience working with them. They can easily share their experience. Were they satisfied with the services they were provided? Take reviews from others that will help you in dealing with web firm with confidence. You can get extra remaining knowledge from them which you are not familiar and make your project responsive.

Company approach towards clients:

It is said that first impression is the last impression. At the initial level recognize company approach towards you while making conversation on phone, and having head-on meeting. During this time, you can judge company professional approach towards you. Dreamsdesign is a Web design company in Vadodara will treat its clients in a hospital way.

These steps will clear all your doubts and change your way of dealing with such companies.

Five tips to deal with website design before launch

Nowadays, many newly established companies are trying to represent their company’s image through an impressive website design in order to convey company core message to a large number of people across the globe. A creative website design company in India forces people to peep into the world of your company. Thus, undoubtedly, it aids you to increase your business rating as well as strengthen your hold upcoming days.

  • Adopt a pure and contemporary web-design:

Users always shower their love on a pure and modern web-design which has all elements to deal with them. It must be mobile-friendly as well as responsive for all the screens/devices which are used by different users. So, analyze that if your website is fully responsive or not. It should be neat and clean then make necessary amendments. A responsive website design company in Vadodara creates more traffic and draws people’s attention to your website.

  • Firstly, get design:

First of all, create a wire-frame as it is helpful for a web designer to plan a layout before creating a design. It is helpful to make a design you want and the feel of the design as well. It becomes easier to customize with the website.

  • User-friendly content:

Content is a soul of the website that represents your company core aspects to the maximum people. Your content must be user-friendly. Make a content which ought to be easy for the people to understand easily so that the people get involved with your website and company as well. If your content does not relate to the company status you will miss the target. Hence, create a content that has a happy ending with the users.

  • About us:

 Mostly, the visitors who visit a website at first they find out company information such as contact number, email, your about page ought to be simple that users do not feel bored and easily get the information. Your about page must not be wordy. It must be meaningful with enough information. Keep the design engaging which will engage the users.

  • Stick to website momentum:

If a website has not mobility, users will leave that site immediately. The users would not prefer to continue such site which takes time to load. This kind of error gives you unexpected fallout. There are many tools to measure your website speed online which offer a solution and improve website speed. Speed matters because a single second loading time lessens many users.

Finally, these are the crucial tips to consider before it is launched. If you ignore these website norms, you will witness a big fall upcoming days.


Why your business needs a Responsive E-commerce Website Design?

The online marketplace has turned out to be so huge that even the famous brick and mortar stores are switching to e-commerce website design. One of the most important assets of any company is a well-optimized e-commerce website design that allows their customers to search the product in just a few clicks.

With the increase in the number of the mobile users, the demand for e-commerce web design has increased too. Responsive web design offers an excellent online shopping experience to all the online shoppers, irrespective of the device they are using. Let’s have a look at some of the most important factors that emphasize the importance of responsive web design for an e-commerce portal.

1. Increasing number of mobile users

To your surprise, approx 57.12% of global web traffic originates from the smartphones. This number justifies the importance of an e-commerce portal and why it plays a crucial role in the success of any business.

2. Growth in Mobile Users

Did you know that as per the 2017 statistics, almost 1.7 billion people worldwide shop products online via their smart phones? Since the number of mobile shoppers is increasing with every passing day, it’s clear that an e-commerce business needs to have a responsive website design so that it doesn’t lose any potential client to the competition.

3. Search Engine Supports Responsive E-commerce Store

Major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc favour websites which are portable to mobile. This is due to the fact that the search engines put the user experience first. Ease of use and enhanced readability are some of the major benefits of responsive website design.

4. Better Website Speed

Time is money and every second count in the corporate world. The recent researches and studies have revealed that more than half of the internet surfers give up on a website if it takes more than 6-10 seconds to load.

Responsive web design takes into account the screen size and the mobile device performance. It optimizes the images and other elements which increase the website loading speed, thus preventing the bounce rate.

5. Increased Conversion Rates

Responsive web design addresses all the issues of the online shopping allowing customers to enjoy smooth browsing, increased readability and usability. All of these factors work together to give the customers an excellent shopping experience which ultimately boosts the conversion rates.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points have clearly conveyed the importance of responsive e-commerce website design. A mobile-friendly design is one of the wisest decisions you can take for your business and online retailers. So, if you are willing to have your online store and looking for a professional and reliable web design service in India, Dreams Design can help! With the cutting-edge technologies and unique designs, we ensure to give your business the competitive edge!

6 Things You Need To Look For While Hiring A Website Development Service

Are you a business owner? If yes, you might be very well aware of the importance of the brand awareness in this highly-competitive corporate world. One of the best ways to boost your online presence and give your business a competitive edge is custom web development.

The very first step that you need to take is to select the reliable and professional web development service in Mumbai or across India. This is one of the most crucial decisions as you're entrusting them with your valuable business. To make the things easier for you, we have listed a few important things that will help you choose the best custom web development company.

 How Do They Charge For The Services?

When you hire a web development service in Melbourne, you need to ensure that they are competent to cater to your unique business needs and budget. They should be able to plan, develop and manage your project. Asking the right questions will help you find the actual price for their service:

  •  Will the project be charged on an hourly basis or flat project price?
  • Does the estimate justify the agreed deliverable?
  • How will you charge for the extra features?

 What Is Their Project Track Record?

It is essential to understand that the website development service in Mumbai you hire is reliable. You must be confident that your projects are in the expert hands and will deliver only the best results by offering the best ROI.

  • Past client record
  • Facts and figures that prove their results
  • Kind of results they are able to deliver
  • Extended working relationship with the clients

 How are the results measured?

Custom website development can boost your brand image and foster your business growth. While on the other hand, a bad design can ruin your reputation. Thus, it’s vital to hire the website development company that increases the value and image of your business.

  •  Ask how they measure the results in term of traffic, conversion, bounce rate and keyword ranking
  • Are the stated results verified by the clients?

 How Do They Operate?

Before partnering with any web development service in Mumbai, ensure that they have the explicit knowledge and expertise to deliver the exceptional results.

  • Ensure that they follow industry standards for the coding and is mentioned in the contract
  • Have every point and terms clearly mentioned in the contract
  • How will the project ownership be determined?

Additionally, ensure that custom web development company you hire is not too small or else you may run the risk of unexpected execution delays or lack of technical proficiency. It is essential that you feel secure throughout the process, thus ensure that you choose the right partner for your website design. If you are willing to take your business to the next level, Dreamsdesign is your competent custom web development partner!

Top Website Design Mistakes That’s Killing Your Online Reputation

In this online world, taking your business online is crucial. Unfortunately not all the websites have that leverage. Having a beautiful design website is important but it should also have all the important website elements that can work effectively to enhance online sales and lead generations. Having a website redesign can be a costly affair. So, ensure that you get it done right the first time itself.

Building a website is not easy but this challenge can easily be overcome by hiring the best web design company in India. This will ensure that that the designers working on your website are competent and capable to deliver the best results.

But there are many amateur designers in the market which emphasis more on creativity rather than on the usability and functionality of the website. We have listed here the few frequently made web design mistakes. So, next time when you are getting your website designed you can ensure that you have your best foot forward online. Or else, website design company is always there to assist you. We at Dream Design pride in being one of the best website design company in Mumbai.

Let’s have a look at some of the common website design mistakes that might slowly kill your online business:


Excessive Information

Let’s agree to the fact that no one likes to read abundant and abundant of the information. Unless the information is too critical, a user will not read it. Unfortunately, the majority of the online businesses are engaged in telling their long story and communicating their message. While doing so, they forget the importance of presenting the most useful information about their product and services. Remember the golden rule – “Less is more”


Lack Of Responsive Design

More than 45% of searches are conducted on mobile devices. Having a responsive website design is vital to overtake this consumer sector. However, a recent study reveals that less than 17% of the world’s website has a responsive web design. Being one of the leading web design company in India, we ensure that all our websites are responsive across all the devices.


Too Small and Poor Readability Fonts

Did you ever have the struggle in reading the website text? One of the most common website design mistakes is making the text too difficult to be read. Ensure that the website text has a proper font size and are more compatible and reader-friendly on all the devices.


Poor Image Quality

Visual representation is more effective than the texts. Having high-quality and related images create a powerful brand image and enhance user engagement too. We are the best website design company in Mumbai and thus ensure that no image is blurry and have a zoom feature to enhance the customer’s experience.

A good website design can do wonders for your business. Ensure you make the best with none of the mistakes listed above. If you are looking for the prompt, experienced and competent web design company in India, Dreams Design is the perfect destination for you!

How To Make A Website?

A website is the best way to have your presence in the online space. It lets you talk to your audience. Moreover, you can interact with your audience in a better way. Apart from showcasing and selling your products and services, you can talk to your customers to learn to enhance your products and introduce newer ranges. The importance of a website to succeed in this technological age cannot be overlooked.

How To Exactly Make A Website?

If you have an in-house team, you can work the technicalities out. But many times, the process gets overwhelming and a lot of management and up gradation as well as periodic testing is involved. Sometimes, it is better to delegate it to the experts. Not because they are the only ones who know how to do it, but because you can focus on your core products and take the digital support.

At Dream Design, we dedicatedly work on development and digital marketing. We have experts who work with different types of technologies and platforms. Let us take you through some of the steps that involve in web designing.

First of all it is important to choose a platform on which to build a website. You can discuss the pros and cons with the developers. There are several templates and CMS (content management systems available). You do not want to go through the trouble of changing platforms. It is a big no no! While we develop a website we take into consideration different functionalities the website will require. HTML/CSS plays a vital role as you might already know. We have experts who are proficient at website development who can explain you perfectly the best platform for your website.

What to look out for while choosing a platform is its user-friendliness, its capabilities, responsiveness, mobile friendliness, and of course, the cost. Next, you need a name and a domain, which is simpler depending upon your budget; we can come up with best options. After that comes the web hosting which will not be too costly. And you are good to go live.

It is simple but the detailed functionality involves robust coding which can be done by experienced designers and developers. As we mentioned, changing to different platforms and low-level coding will cost you a lot. So, if you want to ensure a sleek and user-friendly design, then you can contact us right away.

Why Hire CMS Website Design Company When You Can Use Free Themes?

Making a website has never been this easy. You pick a web host, install any Content Management System (CMS) on the server, install a free theme, and get a fully functioning website ready within hours.

The struggle begins now… behind the curtain, beyond the “easy” Do-It-Yourself steps.

Creating a website is one thing, managing it is totally different. To that, to make sure the website functions exactly in sync with your distinct needs and business goals, you’re going to need more than those ready-to-use add-ons.

And the main challenge comes in website designing end. First, finding a free theme that’s actually good is a tad difficult. Second, the chances of that theme fitting in your definite requirement are thin. Third, free themes are usually less reliable and obnoxiously complex to manage with small fixes needed every so often.

To answer the most common question that confuses a newbie, here are 5 simple reasons why you should hire a good CMS website design company over going with ready-to-use themes and DIY steps:

  • Thousands Of Other Businesses Are Using The Same Free Theme

Yes, there are so many businesses that are basically using the same theme. Do you really want to be a part of such a large crowd?

  • You Have Different Needs And Requirements

To convert visitors into subscribers, you might need a slider. Or to make more sales, you might need a beautiful landing page with videos and other interactive features incorporated. Do those ready-to-use themes fit in these individual requirements? Perhaps not!!!

  • You Will Always Require To Make Changes To The Backend

The scene of website development (and SEO) is ever-changing. And from time to time you’ll have to incorporate such changes by tweaking your website design. Like for example, if you blog regularly, implementing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is getting important by the day.

  • Managing A Website Takes A Lot Of Time And Efforts

Websites need to be updated regularly – both in design and structure – to incorporate latest changes. Meaning, managing them would take time and effort. Are you ready to invest in it? Would you rather not invest that time and effort improving your sales? Exactly!

  • Instead Of Buying Themes, Spending In Unique Design Is A Better Lie

Some people may suggest you invest in premium themes than going for the free ones. It’s a nice idea. But if you’re spending your money anyway, why not put in a CMS website design company; their personalized design would be much better than the premium ones.

These are 5 simple reasons why hiring a website designing company is a much better option than picking free, ready-to-use themes.

Still confused? Talk to an expert!

Ecommerce Web Design Service by Ecommerce Website Specialists in Vadodara

There are thousands of eCommerce websites over the web and hundreds of new online stores are set to go online in the next few months, then how will you make your eCommerce website stand over and above the competitors. Well, this is the most fundamental question you should ask yourself before going online with your products or services, and if you don’t have the answer, we can help you.

We are DreamsDesign, an eCommerce website development company in Vadodara, and we know what it takes to build a winning eCommerce website. An exclusively designed eCommerce website illustrating your business, your industry and your core business values is the only way to make your eCommerce website stand over and above the competition. A beautiful web design is your first chance to impress your visitors, and if you fail to do so, you may probably lose a customer. Attractive web design for eCommerce website has always played a key role in successful online sales and marketing. That’s because humans just seem to love things that are beautifully designed.

Ecommerce Website Design Services in Vadodara

DreamsDesign offers personalized eCommerce website design services to all. This means whether you are a startup, a small business or an established brand looking to design an out-of-the-ordinary eCommerce website; DreamsDesign is here to help you achieve your business goals in your budget and timeline. Our team of web designers is committed to helping you in your efforts to take your business to the next level. We will design an online store of your choice that reflects what your business is about.

DreamsDesign has an affluence of experience when it comes to eCommerce website design and development. Whether you’re about to create a new eCommerce website to take your business to the next level or have been thinking about redesigning your existing online store, contact us to know how our eCommerce website design and development services can help you own an eCommerce website perfect for your business. We pride ourselves in offering our customers with eCommerce web design services that go beyond their expectations and give them a cutting edge over their competitors.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you. To contact us, visit us at | Dial: +91- 9377-756-660 | Email:

Why Is Having a Professional Website so Important?

Nowadays, it is very important to get a professional looking website for any type of business. There are good Website Design Companies in India that designs the professional website for your business. It does not even matter that you are planning to make money directly from it or not but you must have a professional website. Your website is the best salesperson of your business as it builds an impression of your business hence you must get it from proficient website Design Company in India. It is the best source to tell about your business as people get to know who you are and what you do with the help of it.

A good website brings a lot of value to your business. It is said that your website is the greatest ambassador of your business on this endless digital market hence it is of prime importance to have a professional and representable website in order to interact well with people. In this extremely competitive business world, each one of us wants to have a website that has a good impact on our business and brings in traffic. We are a part of the tech-savvy world, where you can sell anything on the web and a good website behaves like a sales person as it tells about your products and services to the customers. Apart from this the most important task of a professional website designed by Website Design Company in India is to present them in an appealing and understandable way that generates traffic and sales.

The benefits of professional website do not end here. Since it never sleeps or takes leaves, it treats all your customers round a clock. Apart from this, your website helps your customers by answering the entire common question to their problems. It knows to grab the attention of your potential customer. You must get a professional website designed by best Website Design Company in India as it is the most cost-effective marketing tool for business.